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  • Dance Station 3DDX

    What is 3DDX?

    Video - double |Video - single

    3DDX Dance Station is an arcade game made by NGG Entertainment. It's also a dance game, but it is not considered as BEMANI game, because the game is not from Konami and is Korean. 3DDX is played with both hands and legs.

    There are four arrows on the platform (for legs). The directions are UL, UR, DR, DL. For hands the directions are L, R, U, D. All this means that you play on eight directions.

    As in other dance games there are white stationnary arrows on the screen. Then you have arrows that scroll from the bottom of the screen to the top. When a scrolling arrow covers the white arrow, you have to confirm it by stepping or waving your hand.

    3DDX has more arrow combinations than DDR: there can be two hands at the same time, jumps, but you will also encounter hands/leg combination. There are no freezes on 3DDX 2: D-Tech version and no changes of BPM during play. But sometimes you will encounter three 'hand arrows' and and one 'leg arrow'.

    There are two difficulties on 3DDX 2 D-Tech - Pretty Steps and Power Steps. Songs has also different difficulties (1-9).

    How to play

    After paying one credit and pressing Start, machine will show you an image sequece of 'how to play'. (scrolling arrows, confirmation of an arrow, jumps etc.). After that you can choose your level. On 3DDX 2: D-Tech machine you can choose between Pretty Steps and Power Steps. Pretty Steps are for beginners and Power Steps are for more advanced players. If you want you can also choose Dual mode (you play on both pads).

    After double-stepping on UR, you can choose a song you want to play. Songs are chosen with waving your hands (right or left). Each song has it's own difficulty and the songs are sorted by this difficulty. That means that the easist song is the one you see. On the right you have a bit more difficult song. But on left you have the most difficult song on that machine. For 3DDX 2: D-Tech it would be Puck.

    You can also choose the song by its speed (BPM).

    Once again double step on UR and that's it. You can start to play.

    If you clear the song you'll see screen evaluating your timing of Perfects, Greats, Boos and Misses. There's also max. combo and calories burned. Final result is just written on the screen (Good job, Not bad, You need more exercise etc.)