• DJ MAX

    What is DJ Max?

    DJ Max is a Korean DJ simulation game first officially released for PSP by Pentavision in 2005 under the name DJ Max Portable. A second game in this series named DJ Max Portable 2 was released two years after that.

    The game play is similar to Beatmania game play. Notes are scrolling down from top of the screen in columns to a receptor line where you have to press a corresponding key to confirm the note. Each key has a different key sound making you actually play a melody of the song (for example). Thus if you hit the wrong key you will hear a different sound which should not be heard.

    Each note is judged by percentage (100%, 90%... 10%, 1%)or "break". This means that you missed the note entirely and you broke a combo. If you break to many notes your life bar will decrease to zero and the game will end. With each confirmed note a combo is rising and fever meter is filling up. When the meter is completely filled up you can press X on the PSP version and start fever. When fever is on the combo does not count by 1 but 2. If you managed to run another fever within the time the previous one is still on the combo will be counted by 3 and so on.

    Each song has 3 difficulties - Easy, Hard and Max. Each of these difficulties is then numbered (eg. Easy 5, Hard 7, Max 11).

    At the end of each song you will see a result screen with your score, percentages and final grade. You will be also rewarded with experience points and gold. If you collect enough gold you can buy new gears (theme) and note skins.

    The game features various mods like dizzy, reverse, fade in/out etc. You can also change the scrolling speed. You can change the speed in song select screen or during game play (not when fever is on though).

    The game can be played on 4 keys, 5 keys, 6 keys or 8 keys. The game also features a "turntable". In PSP version you have to turn the analog stick to confirm this kind of note. If you don't wish to play all the songs with a certain number of keys you can go to Freestyle mode where you can play each song on whatever difficulty you want but also on whatever style you want (4,5,6,8 keys).

    For those liking challenges there is also a Challenge mode. In this mode you have to meet certain conditions (For example Get 1000 combo)

    If you don't want to play the game you can just go and view the Music Videos in MV Edition or listen to the songs in OST mode.

    You can play the game with your friends if you connect the PSPs. (Online/Network play)

    There is also possibility to play DJ Max 1 songs in DJ Max Portable 2 if you run Link Disc.

    If you clear songs in either style (not counting Freestyle) you will unlock these songs in Freestyle mode. Also you will be getting a lot of items (gears, note skins, sound tracks etc.) for you to buy with your collected money.