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  • Dancing Stage


      AM-3P - KTz
      Boom Boom Dollar - KING KONG & D.JUNGLE GIRLS
      Brilliant 2U - NAOKI
      Brilliant 2U (Orchestra Groove) - NAOKI
      Butterfly -
      Have you never been Mellow - OLIVIA PROJECT
      It's Like That Run DMC feat. Jason Nevins -
      Last Thing On My Mind Steps
      Make it better - MITSU-O!
      Make it better (So-REAL Mix) - MITSU-O!
      My Fire - X-TREME
      PARANOiA - 180
      Put your faith in me - UZI-LAY
      Put your faith in me (Jazzy Groove) - UZI-LAY
      Trip Machine - DE-SIRE
      Uh La La La - Alexia


    Whenever you press both start buttons the game will be set to Couple (players play different stepcharts). To enter a Choose Your Style manu press (or maybe hold it..) L + R on the arcade and then press start. Then you can choose from Single, Versus, Couple and Double. Choose the style by the other player' start button (to join in) and then press your own start. This should work.

    Changing Difficulty
    At Select song screen enter D, D, D, L, L, R, R for standard difficulty or D, D, D, R, U, U, L for heavy difficulty.