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  • Dancing Stage Max

    Dance Master Mode (valid information is marked with - [hint or extra arrow])

    There are four types of missions:

    Normal (yellow) missions: These missions are the basic ones.

    Courses (green) missions: These missions are simply courses you have to pass. Sometimes there are modifications to them (speed mods,etc).

    Blue missions: These missions are usually fun to play. Usually you are supposed to miss the arrows you are supposed to confirm (ie. Step only on yellow and red arrows)

    Special (red) missions: You have to clear all special missions to be able to continue to another area.

    Last mission is white. The song is MAX 300(Super-Max-Me Mix) on challenge. You have to get 8 million on this song. That wouldn't be such a problem if it wasn't on reverse and 1,5x (how original..I was afraid that this would be the case).

    Hidden missions (can have any color): These are missions you have to unlock by succeeding at both normal and "hint" requirements. But there are three hidden missions you can unlock only by buying a hidden selection from the shop.
    Also hidden mission are marked with an exclamation mark. That makes them easier to find.

    Some other blabla
    Any time the screen shows you that you have new items in a shop you should go there and check what the item is. If you want you can buy the hints and then accomplish them. If you don't want to buy them or you are too lazy to divine what it actually says you can continue on reading this page (I don't know how easy is to divine something written in japanese. Seems easy to me, but I can also read japanese.)

      X-05: Selection 1
      X-15: Selection 2
      X-24: Selection 3 (costs 10 000 points).

      -Hint 1: Get letter grade AAA.(A-05)
      -Hint 2: Get grade AAA. (A-06)
      -Hint 3: Get 6 million points. (B-07)
      -Hint 4: Get 70 perfects or more. (B-29)
      -Hint 5: Get exactly 100 points.(B-30)
      -Hint 6: Get 25 million points or more. (B-33)
      -Hint 7: Get NG for all freezes.(B-36)
      -Hint 8: Get a full combo and ok on all freeze arrows. (C-05)
      -Hint 9: Play till the end of the course. (C-07)
      -Hint 10: Get letter grade AA or higher. (C-17)
      -Hint 11: Get exactly combo 30. (C-19)
      -Hint 12: Play till the end of the course. (C-21)
      -Hint 13: Get a full combo. Get OK on all freeze arrows. (C-24)
      -Hint 14: Get 8 million points or more. (C-30)
      -Hint 15: Get 48 million points or more. (C-39)
      -Hint 16: Get les than 5 goods. (D-08)
      -Hint 17: Do not get 6,7 million points or more. (D-13)
      -Hint 18: Get 100 perfects or more. (D-17)
      -Hint 19: Get 38 million points or more. (D-19)
      -Hint 20: Get less than 15 oks. (X-16)
      -Hint 21: Get 85 or more each o perfects, greats and goods. (X-17)
      -Hint 22: Get 220 points or more. (D-25)
      -Hint 23: Get a combo of exactly 200. (X-18)
      -Hint 24: Get 45 misses more. (X-19)
      -Hint 27: Get at least 8,5 million. (X-22)
      -Hint 28: Get 200 perfects or more. (D-45)
      -Hint 29: End the song with dance meter 5% or less. (D-46)
      -Hint 30: Get a combo of 1200 or more. (D-47)