• Jubeat

    KONAMI couldn't decide better, after releasing IIDX15 they announced a location test of their completely new music game called jubeat. This game is played with your fingers on a 4x4 grid. Your aim is to press the buttons at correct time.

    The game's name came from the word "yubi" meaning finger and "beat". Thus the game is also pronounced with "y" not "j" as many people like to say.

    There are two modes of play. Online play and Multiplayer. Online - you will be able to compete with players connected to the same network. Multiplayer - you can play against anyone standing right next to you (if there are two machines of Jubeat).

    After selecting mode of play, you are prompted to choose a song. There 21 songs from which you can choose. Just press the button correspondin CD picture of a song you wish to play. If you are in Online play one player chooses a song and the other one matches the choice. In Multiplayer mode this is not necessary, the game starts right after one player chooses a song.

    There are three difficulties in general Basic, Advance and Expert. Each song has its difficulty of its own (level 1 to 8). The boss song being a Snow Goose (200BPM LVL8 on Expert)
    (You've got arrows and buttons on the arcade, one is effector button, one is for changing the difficulty and the arrows are for choosing a song)

    When you finally get to the game your aim is quite simple. You are supposed to listen to the music for clues when to hit the panels (for example if the clue is lyrics - then you will be pressing the panels at the same time you hear the vocals). These panels (starting position is all black) will start lighting up. Your goal is to press them^_~. The button variations can consist of all the buttons (1 at a time, 2, 3,4,...16).

    The score is calculated from the evaluation of notes. If you get all perfects you should be rewarded with SS and 1000000 score. The worst "not fail" grade is D.

    The game ends if you won't get over 700000 points on one song.