• Liberec, Czech Republic - PIU Meeting #1

    Normally I take more than a week to go and play PIU but this time a player from Slovakia came to the Czech Republic to try our PIU Zero in SD cab. He wants to get better at PIU so he could play and enjoy PIU Pro. He will go to Italy next month to play this new Roxor/Andamiro game.

    Today wasn't a good day for me. It's been several days that I can't fall asleep and I wake myself up early in the morning. Yesterday I didn't eat anything for dinner because my stomach was protesting. This morning I woke up around 4:40 and I was looking at my PSP and deciding whether I should continue playing PIU Exceed or not (I spent half of the night playing this game). But that would mean that before arriving to the arcades I would see nothing (I've got a bad eye defect...and playing PIU does not help it at all). Also my body was incapable of ingesting food so I was pretty hungry till 1 pm today.

    At 8:30 NX came for me and we went to meet the rest of the group at Florenc. Half an hour later we were on our way to Liberec, where the only PIU machine in the Czech Republix stands.

    After arriving safely we entered the complex and started to play PIU. Our Slovakian friend had a hard time with the controls and also had a hard time playing the songs. But he was getting better by the day (that means he stopped failing his first round) and I hope he will improve more so he could find out that the PIU Pro stepcharts are actually good. (but he was playing 3-6 LVL songs)

    Later on another player from somewhere around here came to the arcades so we had a little chat. He is a DDR player but he showed his interest in PIU and actually tried the game. It was nice to meet him and I look forward seeing him once again.

    After some time when it was my time playing I decided to do one crazy thing - to play Dignity Full Remix on CZ. I chose CZ because I already cleared both Dignities on Hard. I found out two things after failing this song. 1. This song is actually passable and not impossible to clear as I thought earlier...I lasted for 2 minutes 2. I managed to confirm triples but not freeze triples... => this leads to a conclusion => I should be able to pass Dignity CZ. I uploaded the video of me playing Dignity on both youtube and bemanitube and I would be interested in your opinion what you think about it. (click on the image to view the video)

    Later on, being even more exhausted than before I was kinda forced to play Canon D on Crazy and I actually got a passing grade^_^. I will try to pass it once more and not almost pass out at the end... I played Dignity on CZ too but I was already too exhausted to play anything. I also got another #1 high score^_~. But I didn't break the best Polish player's high score. (but I could if I would play Love is a Danger Zone 2 four times in a row, hehe)