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  • Pump it up on StepManii

    What do I need?

      * You need to donwload Stepmanii 3.9 (or Stepmania 3.95 CVS)
      *You need to download Pump it up songs with their respective stepcharts in .sm format
      * You need PIU Theme, note skins and PIU support


      * you can choose a theme you want to use (ie. Prex, Zero, NX)
      * you can play all the songs available from PIU games
      * two players can play on whatever pads they like, there are no problems with mapping the pads


      * there is no support for PIU hold evaluation
      * all the stepcharts available are resteps - thus the songs are not synched, not all of them have bg animations or backgrounds etc.
      * a different controls in the menu

    Basic information

    You can download Stepmania here.

    You can download songs and stepcharts at or or whatever other place you will find.

    There are PIU themes available at But you can start by trying out SM NX MOD. Downloaded theme should go to /Stepmania/themes/ folder.

    Downloaded songs go to ../Stepmania/Songs/[song album]/.

    After running SM

    After you run SM you need to change the game support to Pump (Switch Game => Pump) and then you have to change the theme (options => appereance options => SM NX MOD).